Chinese stamp set Stage Art of Mei Lan-fang

Mei Lan-fang Stamp Set

Stage Art of Mei Lan-fang Stamp Set CTO

Chinese stamp set 1962 „Stage Art of Mei Lan-fang“.

Original gum, well centered, fresh gum, no aging. Very fine condition – the stamps come from a well cultivated European collection. Cancelled to order.

Scott# 620 – 627. Michel Nr. 648-655.

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Unique Chairman Mao Porcelain Bust from the Cultural Revolution

Peoples Republic of China: Authentic bust of Chairman Mao from the Cultural Revolution period. Unglazed porcelain.

We guaranty the authenticity of the object.

The bust measures 12 cm (5 inches) high and is without damage to the appearance of Chairman Mao.

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Chairnan Mao Print from Cultural Revolution Period

Chinese poster cultural revolution

Mao Poster from Cultural Revolution Period

Authentic small print in poster-style with chairman Mao in pose, some slogans and graphic.

6,9 x 10,2 inches (17,5 x 25,6 cm), some foxing (top) app. 1970.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhu Qishi. 3 Characters and Pictorial.

Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhu Qishi – 朱其石. 3 Characters and Pictorial.

朱其石印章: Attractive Chinese seal carved by the important seal carver Zhu Qishi (1906 ~ 1965). Engraved are 3 characters ( Qing Fei Shou 庆丰收 – Celebrating the bumper harvest) and a pictograph of a little girl with a kite.
Side-carving with date, short text and the name of the seal carver, Zhu Qishi 朱其石
Well carved stone in very fine condition.

朱其石(一九○六·九·——一九六五·五·五·),原名碁,以诞於浙江宣平县括苍山下,又取名宣,号曰括苍居士,复因生於农历八月,又以桂□为号;另有秀水老农、葛窗居士、雁来红馆主人、抱冰居士等别署。浙江嘉兴人。 父名丙—,号补拙,以书画金石之学名於时。
0,7 x 0,7  x  2,1 inches (19 x 19 x 54 mm). 54 gram.

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Cultural Revolution China: Red Book, Lin Biao and Mao. Scarce

Cultural Revolution China: Red Book, Lin Biao and Mao. Scarce


Peoples Republic of China 1970: Red book, entitled „Document for studying political work" ( Zhengzhi gongzo xuexi wenjian). At the first pages are a portrait-photo of Mao Zedong and another one of Mao and Lin Biao.

3 x 4 inches. Complete, 135 pages, minor wear. Scarce booklet.

Cultural Revolution China: Acupuncture Set. Scarce.

Cultural Revolution China: Acupuncture Set. Scarce.


China 1960-70ies: Complete set of acupuncture-needles. Small briefcase with zipp-fastening and Mao Slogan at casing: „ Wei renmin fuwu. Mao Zedong" ( To serve the people. Mao Zedong)

3,9 x 6,1 inches. Fine condition.